DX Pearl Open Razor

DX Pearl Open Razor

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Feather Artist Club DX Folding heat resistand handle. This knife is a further development of the RG and has an even better balance. Imported from Japan; an open razor from Feather with interchangeable blades! An ideal concept for those who like to shave with a traditional open razor, but don't want to turn the blade on daily and be free from other maintenance. The advanced design of this unique razor allows you to adapt the features to your own skin and beard by choosing one of several interchangeable blades. In average use, these have a life of about 7-10 shaves.


  1. Moisten face and lather well.
  2. Hold razor between thumb and 3 fingers - see instruction drawing.
  3. Hold the razor at an angle of 30 degrees to the skin.
  4. Use a slightly smaller angle on the cheek, chin and upper lip.
  5. Press the razor lightly on the skin.
  6. Shave with the grain of the hair first.
  7. While shaving, stretch the skin with the other handShave with gentle even strokes.

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